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What is everything that needs to be done to organize and give a great concert? Behind The Scenes with Jalmar Vabarna.

The last years in the cultural landscape could be summarized as "Days that confused". At one point, when everything is in great shape… it collapses. Crisis. So what are you going to do?! To quote the phrase heard in folklore: "If you're already up to your neck in manure… then the dumbest thing to do is let your head sag!"

Our dream to perform the largest solo concert in Estonian history in Saku Suurhall with a 360-degree production collapsed in March 2020. "Make Your Move" was supposed to open with a great bang and the halo around it was bright! Everything was prepared and we were looking forward to the day when we could transcend ourselves so so much. For nearly a year we had worked with the whole band and the team to make this concert a success. It was to be the coolest concert in the history of us and our audience. Covid came, we postponed, covid stayed, we left the concert on the shelf. It’s still there and the idea hasn’t gone anywhere. We're waiting, we're just waiting for the right time, we'll do it anyway, right! 

But in the meantime, let's talk about what we can do now! And oh, we can do a lot this summer. Trad.Attack! will give several performances this summer at various festivals as well as self-organized concert evenings. To make it a little more interesting for you to be at the concert, we thought that I could tell you a little bit about what it means to organize a great concert night and what the band is doing to make this event an occasion to remember!

Let's take a concert that will take place on July 31 in Treski as an example. That is when we will step on Treski’s outdoor stage for the first time and organize a concert with the band Miljardid. Provided the weather is good, it will definitely be a very pleasant evening because Treski is a magical location. It is a place that draws people from near and far. There is air, there is nature, there is freedom! 

Naturally we start organizing each concert from the most important aspect - content! First, what do we have to offer? Which stories? Something new, something special? Secondly we consider if there is anyone else that could make an appearance on the stage. What happens after the concerts?

When this substantive part is clear, we move on to what we need from a technical point of view. The stage? Yes! Sound equipment? Yes! Lights? Yes! LED screens? Yes! Smoke? Yes! Electricity? Yes! The team? Yes!

When this part is also clear then the next question is how big will the budget be. Is there a point to this? Is it worth the risk? What will the ticket price be? Can we achieve it? Let's do it!

Now we need the final odds and ends - we draw up an outstanding design, sell the tickets, and think about how to advertise it all.

When we see that the tickets are going, we will evaluate the whole thing and think about how many caterers and bars we need and where to put the fan products tent, whether we will make an aftermovie of the concert, how many photographers we invite, etc.

When the concert evening draws near we will agree on the exact plan and, if necessary we rehearse. We also think about what we will wear, which hairstyles we will make and who will look after the children :)

On the day of the concert, we will do a sound test and focus on making this evening worth remembering for a long time!

Let's go all out!

When the machine is turned on, it must be operated! Every machine needs a good driver that can overcome various obstacles as smoothly as possible and navigate past dangerous situations. But as in traffic ... you can pass one problem but the next is waiting! Still, we learn from experience and try to do better again and again! 

See you at the concerts!