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Tõnu: “MacGyver tape works wonders!”

February is no doubt special for us because on this rather snowy second month of the year our drummer Tõnu was born. We gathered questions from our fans and added some of our own for Tõnu to answer. So find out who is Tõnu’s favorite drummer and how he spends his free time!

NAME: Tõnu Tubli

AGE: soon 33



FIRST INSTRUMENT: tenor horn, the little umpa-umpa pretzel…




HOBBIES: Besides music and my family, I enjoy running, reading, playing Nintendo Switch and I really enjoy simply working on something for a long time, be it a DIY project or my electronic drums.  

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD A MILLION EUROS: I would definitely give it away as fast as possible; to people, to birds, to animals, to fish or to amphibians, whoever needs it more than me. Even though I could do plenty with that sum of money, I really do not need any more things.


How did you find your way to music? 

To be honest, my parents made that decision early on, so us kids wouldn’t spend our youth lounging around, but instead attend the local music school. (Ps! My dad is an educated conductor and trompetist so this might have something to do with it, hehee…)

How would you describe the time spent in EKA and TÜVKA?

EMTA (ed. Estonian Music and Theater Academy) was a very short-lived experience, TÜVKA (Ed. University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy) on the other hand was quite long. Both stay in the history books as a time of unwavering devotion to my instrument that allowed me to explore and practice drums for countless hours while listening to plenty of music. 

Who is your favorite drummer? And have you responsively to their playing style brought new sounds to Trad.Attack!’s tracks?

MYM (ed. “Make Your Move”) has direct connections to the impact Darren King’ (from Mutemath), Ian Chang’s (from Son Lux) Louis Cole’s and Jacob Collier’ take on drums have had on me. As to iconic drummers, I would like to mention Tony Williams, Elvin Jones and Roy Haynes. One must know them! 

What’s the best lifehack for a drummer?

Less is more… and MacGyver tape works wonders! 

Describe a perfect quarter note/beat! 

Last exactly a quarter of a beat, not kidding.

What’s the size of your favorite bass drum? 

Two favorites:  20” x 14” in depth or 16” x 12”, depends on the music. 

Pildid / - ndEPwLUQWhich song do you enjoy the most during live performances? 

Rikas Sittus! Anytime! But “Kuukene” is one of my favorite challenges when talking about our older tunes. 

If you weren’t a drummer who would you be?

I’d work for Red Cross or clean the oceans during free time and would definitely ride my skateboard all day long. 

What do you eat for breakfast? 

A good  question :D Pancakes or millet porridge. A big glass of water will also do.

What are your hobbies? 

I enjoy running and also cooking; just to keep things balanced :D 


Your most memorable birthday

The one I don’t remember :D Now I do, but then I didn’t.

 How many pairs of shoes do you have? 

Too many! But all of them are Converse, only one pair of Nike’s for running since Converse is still not launching any shoes fit for running. 

Do you want your kid to become a musician? 

I like to dream that when he grows up, he can appreciate good music, all the rest is up to him (he’s already got his drums tho).. 

Cat or dor? 

Cat and dog, ying yang for the house

Is Louis Cole a genius or is he a genius?

I think Louis Cole is Jacob Collier on steroids.